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How to Feel Beautiful and Confident If You Are Plus Size

It is more challenging for plus size ladies to feel beautiful and confident when the images of beautiful gorgeous women portrayed in the mainstream media as super models who set the standards of beauty look nothing like them. How to be more confident and how to look beautiful if you are a plus size woman has nothing to do with how other people look at you or what other people think of you. Looking beautiful and feeling confident as plus size ladies is all about how you think of yourself.

Find Plus Size Women Role models

Queen Latifah and Monique are very beautiful sexy women who dare the media to think otherwise. Look at their make-up, stylish clothes and flirty attitudes. Queen Latifah is a Cover Girl with her one make-up line. Oscar winner, comedienne and talk show host, Monique wear sexy, fitted wrap dresses above her knees to show the world that plus size women can be very elegant, attractive and confident in her sexuality.

Build Self Confidence with these Affirmations:

Every night and every morning say this affirmation 3 times while looking in the mirror:

I am breathtakingly, mesmerizingly, captivatingly, intoxicatingly, irresistibly physically and spiritually beautiful. Both men and women are dazzled, stunned and spellbound by my extraordinary, unique, exotic beauty. I am the most beautiful woman in the world beyond compare.

I appreciate and recognize the beauty in others and they appreciate and recognize the beauty in me.

Change your Core belief about Body Size
If you have a negative tape in your head where you refer to yourself as fat or overweight and you say derogatory things about yourself, this is how other people will see you no matter how much make-up you wear or how much your plus size designer clothes cost. The way that you truly feel about yourself is how other people will see.

Take care of your Body

Building self-confidence comes from knowing that you eat a well-balanced healthy diet and that you exercise moderately each week. There is a huge difference between being overweight and plus size. An overweight person is a person who does not eat healthy and exercise. A plus size gorgeous beautiful woman is a woman who reasonably takes care of herself and this is the size that nature wants her to be.

How to Look Beautiful
Always make sure that your fingernails and toenails are manicured and polished. Wear beautiful bold, big earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Plus size ladies should see themselves as a luscious canvas begging for bold colors and excitement.

If you have nice legs wear dress or skirts that show the generous curves in your calves. If you have a nice cleavage wear tops that gently reveal its soft, round, feminine beauty.

Maintaining Beautiful Skin

It is known that if you manage to take care of your skin naturally then you will be able to maintain a healthy beautiful skin and make you look younger than you really are.

It is common for all of us in our lives at some point to think of looking for products that will enable us to look younger than we really are.

The way we appear controls the feelings about our self, the progress we make with our lives and the way we really feel, but one thing that is most disturbing to us is the fact that as each day passes we grow older and older which is not according to our desires.

Being beautiful and having a very beautiful skin entirely depends on how your body health wise is. If your body is not in good shape then most probably so will your skin be, most people who have beautiful skin most likely have healthy bodies which they maintain by eating healthy foods. You also can partake in these by knowing the right kind of natural ingredients that will encourage you to stay beautiful as required.

Most women tend to perceive that the use of most expensive beauty products and expensive skin creams will ensure that they stay healthy and beautiful but the truth of the matter is that the more expensive the products are the less likely they are to be efficient in the maintenance of a beautiful skin.

I am sure by know you are confused yet you have been using some of the most expensive products in the market. The truth of the matter is that, currently in the market there are different products available which most of them are expensive and are all made to reverse the anti aging process, selecting the right type of product for your skin to do this might not be easy since with the number of products being advertised and the kind of endorsements they are getting, it is not easy to make the right choice.

But the only natural way that you can ensure that your skin stays beautiful and healthy is by the use of the vitamins and minerals. These two components play a very critical role in maintenance of a beautiful and healthy skin. What you also need to do is to use very strong anti oxidants for your skin which will ensure that your skin stays healthy and will enable your skin to produce its own collagen and elastins which ensures that your skin stays beautiful as you like it to be.

Rather than that you should be able to provide for your skin the moisture and protection it requires from harm if you want it to stay as beautiful as you like it, the best thing is to ensure you supply your skin with the natural ingredients to ensure it stays healthy.

Inner Beauty is True Beauty

I was watching Jessica Simpson on the Oprah Winfrey show recently. Jessica Simpson’s career started as a squeaky clean character, but wealth and celebrity boosted her into the lime light and the scrutiny of everyone. The snappers are every where she is going, and there relentless pursuits have taken away her freedoms and her capabilities to live a regular life.

With all this has come the remarks of her weight, and her personal life. Jessica Simpson is a very attractive lady. She told Oprah that her current dress size is four. 4! She said that the largest she’s ever been is a size 6. I am sorry folks, but that’s not fat!

One of the most sexiest girls the world has ever known was Marilyn Monroe. She was an actress and a woman that was the dreams of thousands of men. Talk about beauty, Marilyn Monroe had it all. Let me tell you what her dress size was. Are you prepared for this? Twelve. Yes, I said 12! If Jessica Simpson is considered fat at a size six, what would Marilyn Monroe be considered today? She would most likely be regarded as fat.

The attacks on Jessica Simpson as fat and the stereotype of how all ladies should look today, has just destroyed and killed the self image and the self worth of a massive majority of women in the world today.

My daughter has suffered with bulimia since she was in high-school. She’s been hospitalized 2 times for this. She is now 26 years old and still hasn’t gotten into her head how gorgeous she is. She is what I consider, a tiny person. She’s got the qualities of what real beauty is all about. The inner beauty of the soul. Ironic, her name is also Jessica.

My wife was going through some photographs yesterday, and found some of her when we were much younger. She was in a swimming suit, and she was looking hot. Reminding me of one of the reasons why I was so attracted to her. I brought something to her remembrance that she had forgotten. I claimed, “can you remember honey how you thought you looked so fat back than?” She just silently shook her head in agreement. She has always been worried about her outward appearance and looks back than and still is today.

The planet’s view on beauty has changed a lot since the days of Marilyn Monroe. It’s become a big industry. The beauty supplies and dieting industry has become a virtually a 100 billion dollar per year industry. Pushing their unrealistic images of how a ladies is supposed to look on all girls. I do not care what you are saying or how old you are, this industry is dangerous to the health and well being of all girls today. I don’t know why more woman’s organizations aren’t talking out against this industry.

Women are made very differently than men. Forgive me, but we’re not born equal. That has been the biggest presupposition I have ever heard. Men are generally bigger, stronger, and we definitely do not think alike. Women are sometimes more emotional than men are. Why has the repeated pounding of these tabloids against Jessica Simpson been such a dire and emotional experience for her? They are just words. They’re not depicting the true beauty that is in Jessica Simpson, but she doesn’t believe that. Like so many girls today, they’ve been fooled into believing all those lies. They haven’t taken the time to look deep within themselves and see the real person that’s in there.

If you were having a look at marriage photographs that you attended or were in, I can almost guarantee that the man would look for himself. He would like to find out how cool or uncool he looks, but the lady is taking a look at all the other women. She is doing some comparisons. She wants to find out how all of the others are looking and how she stacks up to them.

All of these lies feed into the already very unstable and extraordinarily doubtful self image of all girls. The beauty and fitness industry just capitalizes on this weakness and manipulates it right into their bank balances.

Ladies, you are wonderfully and beautifully created by God. He gave you all of the attributes that pulls men to you, but much more is the inner beauty of the soul that no person can ever attain too. The facility to birth new life and to love and nurture that life into a full and mature human being. That is what makes you far different from men. Do not buy into the lies of the media and the industry that claims you have to be a size four to look good. Look into the inner part of you. That is who you really are. That’s what makes you, you. Because true beauty is inner beauty of the heart. You have that. Find it and accentuate who you really are.

Simple Beauty Tips For Everyone

There are so many expensive beauty products, beauty treatments and beauty spas selling the mainstream standard of beauty to women all over the world. I am going to give you the most important free beauty secrets for real beauty.

Get 6-8 Hours of Sleep
Make sure that you are in bed by 10 pm to ensure that your body and brain receive the optimal sleep benefits. Between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am is when your brain release chemicals that heal your body and slows down premature aging. Studies show that people who do not get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night are at a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Looking healthy, radiant and well rested is a simple tip that everyone can take advantage of.

White Teeth
Brush your teeth twice a day. No matter how symmetrical your facial features if your teeth are stained, yellow or dirty this subtracts away from your physical attractiveness. Buy a good mouth wash and toothpaste and take care of your pearly whites. It cheap and simple and it’s a simple bit tip for everyone.

Maintain Excellent Hygiene
Keep your body extremely clean by showering at minimum once a day. Lotion or oil your body. Ashy skin is not attractive on men or women. Many people take the simplest things for granted and would much rather purchase $100 perfume than take a good shower. Many people think that others are unable to notice their lack of cleanliness because they are surrounded by people who are immune to their natural body odor. However, when you socialize with people outside of your social network they are immediately repelled by a person with poor body hygiene.

Beauty Schools in Bethlehem

Beauty is not only for the rich and famous. People all over the world go to a salon or spa for several reasons. Whether it is for a haircut, a French roll, skin therapy, nail care, or styling purpose, you will find many people walk into a salon or spa to pamper or treat themselves to a relaxing time. Making a person feel beautiful is the most amazing thing that an individual can experience. If you have the skill in you, you can enroll for a beautician’s course in the one of the most impressive beauty schools in Bethlehem and get a license to share your beauty talent. The Vision Beauty Academy is established to make its graduates successful beauty professionals.

Passion and creativity are very essential to become a successful beauty professional. Apart from those factors, the technical aspects are taught at our beauty schools in Bethlehem. Our instructors train students in a 3 phase program, wherein they are taught the basics of cosmetology with hands-on experience of working with clients while enhancing their interpersonal and professional skills. Thereafter, our students learn to communicate and manage time and retailing in the second level. Finally, in the third level, they are prepared for the state licensing examination along with sessions on advanced techniques. Once our students graduate, they are capable enough of handling a salon, spa or any other beauty related business.

Thinking of the perks of being a beautician? You can learn a lot more than just the technicalities of beauty care at our beauty schools in Bethlehem. Our graduates have grown out to be successful business professionals with their supreme talent of handling clients. Appropriate conversations with clients and excellent services will make your clients happy and make them keep coming back to you. You can also enjoy free services as a student. Moreover, there are special sessions for family members, wherein you can showcase your creativity and style under the supervision of our experts, and see the pride and happiness your family members experience with your performance.

Every phase is a learning phase. In some, you may succeed, and in some others, you may make mistakes. However, that is a part of life. You only learn from your mistakes and strive to improve. The beauty schools in Bethlehem that are owned by The Vision Beauty Academy offer productive courses in a friendly learning environment. You are given dummies for a trial and error period during the initial stage of the program you choose. Such exercises help students to enhance their abilities as beauty professionals.

There are a number of prestigious beauty schools in Bethlehem, but you will hardly find anything as reputed as The Vision Beauty Academy. It is known for its extensive and up-to-date program that consists of innovative techniques and styles. Moreover, with the help of this academy, you will be more of a stylist than a technician. Interested in fashion? Once you become a graduate, the fashion industry will not be far away from you. In fact, it will be so addictive that you will not think of any other profession. If you have the required skills and expertise, you belong to the beauty and wellness industry. Your style and techniques will speak volumes of your trained and creative abilities.

Our beauty schools in Bethlehem offer part-time and fulltime courses. The courses provided include cosmetology, haircutting, hair coloring, hair designing, manicures, pedicures, nail art, makeup artistry, spa services, salon management and ownership, as well as training to be beauty instructors. When your career choice is based on your dream, it is easier to achieve it, rather than pursuing a career that you are not interested in, whatsoever. Moreover, you can carve a beauty career as a beautician, hair stylist, hair color expert, nail artist or technician, esthetician, makeup artist, salon manager or owner, or even a beauty product representative with the courses taken up at our beauty schools in Bethlehem.

You can make the most of it at our beauty schools in Bethlehem. Every technique and style you pick up from our instructors will help you in the long run. You will also learn the art of inventing new techniques and new ideas that you can incorporate or merge with the old ones to make a unique creation. Being a beauty professional is not difficult, if you have knowledge of what you are doing, as well as what you want to deliver. Knowing the characteristics of your role will not only help in enhancing your clientele, but also obtain the loyalty of clients. The Vision Beauty Academy will train you on such aspects to climb the ladder of success with less or no trouble, at all. Consequently, you will make the right choice, when you choose our schools to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Finding A Beauty Career

Are a high school student who is trying to decide which career field that you would like to enter? If you are not a high school student, are you just an adult who is looking for a career move? If you are and if you have a love for beauty and fashion, have you ever thought about the careers that are focused on fashion and beauty? If you have yet to do so, you may want to take the time to fully familiarize some of the many beauty and fashion focused careers that you may find interesting.

One of the many different ways that you can make a living off of your love for beauty and fashion is by becoming a beauty consultant. A beauty consultant is also typically called a fashion consultant or an image consultant. A beauty consultant often advises or consults with those who are looking for beauty tips, like what type of makeup they should wear for a special event, like a wedding. Beauty consultant also offer varying services, depending on the individual in question. For instance, there are some beauty consultants who also specialize in makeup application, but not all do.

Another career opportunity that has a focus on fashion and beauty is that of a salon owner or a salon spa owner. In all honesty, there is a very small difference between a beauty salon and a cosmetic salon spa. Both offer popular services like hair care, nail care, makeup application, and tanning, but beauty salon spas also have a focus on many spa treatments, like massage treatments, acupuncture, and so forth. Getting your own salon or beauty salon spa up and running can be a little bit difficult and costly, but as more men and women are deciding to pamper themselves, it is a business venture that may bring you profits.

As it was previously mentioned, owning your own salon or cosmetic salon spa can be profitable, but it often takes quite a bit of money, hard work, and determination to get started. If you would still like to work at a cosmetic salon or a cosmetic salon spa, but you don’t want to start your own business, you can still do so. Each year in the United States, thousands of new beauty salons and beauty spas open for business and many more decide to hire new employees. If you have experience working for a cosmetic salon or a cosmetic salon spa or if you attended beauty school, even if it was just a locally offered training course, you stand a good chance of being hired as an employee at a salon or a beauty salon spa.

If you have a love for beauty, but you don’t necessarily have experience trimming hair or doing popular nail care procedures, you may want to think about opening your own beauty supply store. What is nice about opening your own beauty supply store is that you have a number of different options. For starters, you can choose to have a storefront location or you can choose operate your business online. In fact, you can even choose to do both if you want. You also have the option of carrying as many or as few beauty products and supplies as you want to. You also have the option to buy all of your merchandise wholesale, which many business owners seem to find more affordable.

As with working as an employee at a beauty salon or a salon spa, you can also choose to work at a beauty supply store instead of actually own one. Many beauty supply stores often hire beauty consultants, as well as managers, stockers, and cashiers. You may even want to think about selling beauty products for another company, like Avon or Mary Kay, as an independent contractor.

As you can see, there are a number of different careers out there for those, like you, who may have a love for fashion and beauty. It is a known fact that those who work in a career field that they enjoy are more likely to be happy with their lives, even outside of work; therefore, you may want to further research the above mentioned career and job opportunities.

Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City proven gift for skin beauty

In the recent times the concept of cosmetic surgery has become very popular and many people are willing to opt for this type of surgery as the surgery involves no risk and the people are able to get these services with confidence from the Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City. With the cosmetic surgery Oklahoma the people can feel confident and look beautiful, there are many cosmetic surgeries that will be performed at the cosmetic surgery Oklahoma City – like the lip reduction, eyelift, brow lift, octoplasty, breast surgery and many such more. Previously this type of cosmetic surgeries was performed only in few countries but now there are plenty of scopes for people to get this surgery down in their home country itself.
The cosmetic surgery Oklahoma City specializes in this surgery and there are many people who prefer to get this advanced surgery to look great. The Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City provides many facilities for the various clients who drop in from every part of the world. The cosmetic surgery Oklahoma is one place that is attracted by many country people and through the research conducted it is proven that the services provided in the cosmetic surgery Oklahoma City is superior and highly economical too. The medical services provided in the Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City is immense and there are many staffs who can attend on the patients, and all the staff, doctors performing the surgery are all well qualified and experienced in this arena to handle any sort of cosmetic surgery.
The Doctors performing the various cosmetic surgeries have experience and internship at reputed institutes and so the surgeries performed by these specialists are not only satisfactory but worthy too. Each of the doctors has specialization in the particular area of cosmetic surgery like breast enhancement, breast reduction, liposuction, general cosmetic surgery and so on. Thus it ensures that the doctors will provide the best service to the patients approaching them, clients from all over the world are flocking in for the Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City as they feel that the cost charged over here for the surgery is affordable while in comparison with other countries. If you want to get the right service done for the best price you have to get it done at the top surgery centers in Oklahoma. The surgeons are well versed and can handle the surgery with utmost ease and apparently the patients will get the desired results.
To approach the best Cosmetic surgery center Oklahoma City you can make an online research and identify the best surgeon for any sort of cosmetic surgery, because the surgery is all about the after results and so to get the desired positive results you have to pick the best surgeon who charge an affordable amount. Find the best doctors in Oklahoma to get the treatment done in the right and affordable manner. In this tight economic crises period the cosmetic surgery Oklahoma City is affordable and beneficial too even for the middle income group people.

The Beauty of Organic Beauty Products

It is every person’s desire to look and feel as beautiful as possible. To help us fulfill this desire cosmetic companies have flooded the market with beauty products of all shapes, sizes, fragrance and type. The print media is filled with advertisements for products that will not only make us look more beautiful, but will also keep us looking younger for longer. Hollywood stars promote various products and attendance at famous fashion shows are at an all time high.

We are literally swamped with beauty focused advertisements and information. All this choice and exposure to various brands can make it very difficult for us to decide on the best products to buy. Cosmetic products generate billions of dollars worth of sales yearly and it is a highly competitive market.

Over the last ten years organic beauty products have rapidly grown in popularity. In 2007 the sales of organic beauty products exceeded $350 million and it shows no sign of slowing down. One of the surprising trends with regard to organic beauty products is that new sales are mostly generated through word-of-mouth advertising and not print media.

The consumers of organic cosmetic products tend to form a strong loyalty towards the brand that they use and almost all of them claim that they will never switch back to “normal” cosmetic products ever again. Most of these consumers proclaim that organic products have had a positive impact on the condition and health of their bodies. Some people switch to organic products in order to alleviate skin irritations and allergies caused by the chemicals and synthetic ingredients found in traditional beauty products.

With the focus lately on saving the planet and living “green”, organic products speaks the right language. Only natural organic ingredients are used in products that are certified as 100% organic. These ingredients are biodegradable and do not contaminate the environment. Some companies even make use of environmentally friendly packaging for the beauty products.

Another plus point is that the majority of organic product manufacturers employ biodynamic agricultural methods that are aimed at a holistic approach to farming. Sustainability and a holistic approach to agriculture are very important and biodynamic methods are used with great success in farms and vineyards worldwide.

Organic beauty products are easy to buy and most of them are available in supermarkets. These products can also be purchased online from various cosmetic websites and the products will be delivered to your doorstep. There are a lot of organic beauty products to choose from and it is advisable to shop around until you find the product that works the best for you. The products are not expensive and are competitively priced when compared with similar products that contain chemicals.

Beauty Tips for The Holiday Season – From Eye Creams to Natural Soaps

There are many beauty tips available for the skincare-conscious person. Numerous beauty products lend to great looking skin. One major tip to follow is always be persistent. Even the best eye cream or other product will not give you results unless you use it on a regular basis. This is especially true for anti-wrinkle and anti-acne creams and cleansers. Continuous use is always the best way to achieve amazing looking skin.

Beauty products that can be used should always be natural and/or organic. Natural soap is a great alternative to other, more synthetic brands. Natural soap is made from only natural ingredients such as herbs, milk, and oils. Natural soap will not contain any harmful ingredients that can dry out and harm your delicate skin. People with sensitive skin and allergies will usually benefit from using a natural soap. Some forms of natural soap may even contain oatmeal, sugar, or salt which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Dead sea mud is another one of the natural beauty products available. The dead sea mud contains healthy minerals found deep within the sea bed’s crust. Dead sea mud has been used for hundreds of years to treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Dead sea mud is extracted from the dead sea, which is a geographical health spa to many. The bottom of the sea is rich and full of essential minerals that calm the skin of even the most sensitive individuals. Applying dead sea mud will bring any toxins to the surface of your skin to be removed and leave your body looking beautiful and fresh. Many people swear by using dead sea mud.

Besides using natural soap to cleanse your body and face with, you may also want to use a good quality eye cream. An eye cream is designed to work around the delicate skin of the eye area and reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Anyone who is looking for good anti-aging beauty products should seek a high quality eye cream. One of the many beauty tips available would be to use your eye cream at night. During the night, our skin repairs itself. Almost all beauty products that are used on the face will work better at night, and this goes for an eye cream as well as any other beauty products. Eye creams that are made using natural and high quality ingredients are usually the best. Certain chemicals in beauty products may actually cause free radicals to form. Free radicals refers to damage to the skin that is found in air pollution, cleaning products, and certain facial creams and cleansers.

Many beauty tips are available to people looking to feel younger and more beautiful. As stated before, one of the major beauty tips would be to use a product consistently. Always read product reviews before purchasing any cream or cleanser. People will often be unbiased when reviewing beauty tips and products. Making use of these beauty tips in your life will allow you to look your absolute best.

Choosing Your Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing a cosmetic dentist is one of the most critical decisions you can make. That you’re to select an experienced who will help change your appearance by changing the look of your teeth and your smile.

Some of the procedures you’ll undergo are not reversible. The point is to ensure your comfort and confidence with the expertise of your cosmetic dentist. With such a mental frame, you will likely be happy and satisfied.


Your general dentist should be able to recommend the best cosmetic dentist for you. They knows the current status of your teeth, gums, and your other related dental conditions.

Your friends or relatives who might have undergone a smile makeover could also recommend their doctors.


When you set up an appointment appointment with your prospective cosmetic dentist, do your requisite investigation. Is your dentist skilled in giving you full mouth reconstruction, or does he / she refers patients to other specialists for other treatments?

How extensive is his dental practice? Are you impressed by the before-and-after photos of his previous patients?

Does he have imaging technology and other aids when recommending procedure options? Does he have other modern dental technologies (lasers, caries detection devices, CAD/CAM restoration) used in his practice?

Is the candidate cosmetic dentist a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry? (The academy requires adherence to rigorous study, ethical standards and examination to qualify as an accredited member.)


During your consultation with your cosmetic dentist, discuss what you like and do not like about your smile. This is the one time you and the cosmetic dentist will establish realistic expectations about your dental treatment.

You may be referred to smile design books with before-and-after photos of cosmetic dental procedures. There would also be a review of different tooth shapes and sizes to see what fits and appeals to you.

Nowadays, cosmetic dentists use computer monitors so both of you can review your smile tooth by tooth. This is also for your understanding on what can be changed and how.

Results, surely, may vary depending on the skills of your chosen dentist. Since you have been apprised of his or her skills beforehand, your expectations won’t be much at variance with the outcome.


Your dental records are also really important during consultations with your cosmetic dentist. They’re important in making a precise cosmetic dental treatment plan unique to your case and needs.

These would typically include the comprehensive intra-oral examination (including photos and X-rays), and teeth impressions.

Diagnosis and treatment plans

If the diagnosis and treatment plan is given during consultation with your cosmetic dentist, make sure you understand it entirely, including any viable treatment alternatives.

Also, be sure you are completely comfortable with the thoroughness of the presented details given. By doing this, you can make an educated decision on the dental treatment you will pursue.


Finally, discuss the payment or financing options. (This might be undertaken with the dentist’s office manager.)

This is important because it can help you manage the cost of your cosmetic dentistry treatment. Cosmetic dental treatments are not typically covered by dental insurance. Dental clinics of some cosmetic dentists sometimes offer in-house payment options.